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      Ok, so you've just built a really great web site for your business, or you've just completed the most awesome personal home page in the history of the web. Problem is, no one knows it exists! You can't start making money until you start getting hits. How do you solve this problem? You could spend weeks locating the hundreds of search engines and link advertising sites on the internet. Then, laboriously work your way through the submission process of each one, without even knowing if your target audience will find your site there.

      The alternative is to let me do the dirty work for you. I've dealt with all those sites. I know which ones produce hits, and which ones don't. I know how to work the submission process to get you the best possible placement on each site. Before I submit your site, I'll take a look at your HTML code and e-mail you any suggestions I may have on how to make your site more search engine friendly. That e-mail will also contain a code and instructions good for one free resubmission, in the event you ever make major content changes, or move your site to a new server.

      First, before you do anything else, please read my free advice on making your web site more friendly to search engines and your audience. This advice is mostly aimed at novice web designers, but even pros should double check their code before submission. I am providing this free advice so you will get the most out of my service. A poorly designed web page won't get a lot of hits no matter what I do for you.

      When you are ready to submit your page, fill out my order form carefully and completely. Mail it in with your check or money order enclosed. After I receive your payment, I'll take a look at your site, e-mail you my comments and your resubmission code, then I'll submit your site to my select list of search engines and link promotion lists.

      Unlike other promotion services which claim to submit your page to 400, 800, 1200 or more sites, I have developed a select list of about 100 sites that really produce. The fact of the matter is that there aren't 1200 or even 400 true search engines. Most of the hundreds of sites claiming to be search engines are really just scams designed to collect your personal information from their submission forms. They then sell this information to email spammers, telemarketers and other lowlife types. I strive to keep my list free of these types of sites.

      All the major search engines are on my select list. Unlike other services, I don't use automated submission software when submitting your page to the search engines. Getting a good placement on some search engines requires the personal touch. I will personally fill out the submission forms for all the major search engines using the insights I gained about your page when I reviewed it.

     All this for only  $24.95

      I also offer a monthly submission service for only $59.85 per quarter, or $239.40 per year. Monthly submission is highly recommended for business sites that need to keep a high level of visibility.

      Act today. It normally takes the search engines at least two weeks after submission to add your page to their databases. Procrastinating just adds to the time you have to wait before you start getting hits.

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