My 8in. Dobsonian Telescopes

An 8in. Dobsonian Telescope Here are a couple of 8 inch Dobs I built for friends of mine several years ago.

They are 8 inch f/6 Newtonian telescopes on a Dobsonian mountings. They were designed to give bright, wide field views of the night sky, while still having excellent high power planetary performance. The two piece design means setup/breakdown time is nil.

The 8in. f/6 Dobsonian telescopes have a low to the ground "kid friendly" design. The optical assembly may be rotated in it's cradle to provide a comfortable eyepiece position. Their intuitive point and shoot motion makes them easy to use even for absolute beginners.
Another 8in. Dobsonian Telescope The 8in. Dobs are medium size telescopes with a simple two piece design. They are very easy to set up and break down. They are also small enough to transport in most passenger cars. The wide spread feet of the base and the low center of gravity of the telescope make for a very stable instrument, both during use, and during transportation. The altitude and azimuth bearing surfaces have been designed to provide just the right amount of "sticktion" for ease of use. The optical assembly can be rotated and moved fore and aft in it's cradle to allow for eyepiece rotation and balancing.

Specifications of the 8in. Dobsonian telescope

Primary Mirror:8 inch f/6
Secondary Mirror:1.52in.
Mirror Manufacturer:Meade Instruments
Focal Length:48in. / 1219mm
Primary Cell:Custom with 2 point Collimation
Secondary Holder:Custom Fully Adjustable
Spider:Custom 3 Vane Curved
Finder:Telrad Reflex Sight, or 50mm finder scope
Eyepiece Height At Zenith:Approx. 50in.
Overall Length:50in.
Weight:Approx. 35lb


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