Resistance is Futile!
Prepare to be Tholed.

Welcome to the Tholenizer 2.0. Paste a block of text into the window below. (At least 3 or four sentences long, the longer the better.) Then press the Run button. The Tholenizer will produce a response in the style of Dave Tholen, Usenet Kook of the Month for March 1998. Have fun.

Enter the text to be Tholenized in the window below:

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better at emulating Dave Tholen, the Tholenizer has been improved! This 2.0 version of the Tholenizer now recognizes ! and ? as end of sentence markers. So the Tholenizer no longer ignores questions and exclamations and inserts an appropriate Dave Tholen style whine after each and every one. The Tholenizer now also whines about the use of certain "naughty words" just like Dave himself does. Enjoy!

©Copyright 2003, Michael Davis